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+44 (0)1279 413260
+44 (0)7973 801883

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SVS has been in business since 1998 as a company and is located in Harlow in the county of Essex UK. 
My background is an Electronics Engineer mainly from the Radar Installation & Commissioning side.
I have been photographing, Filming and Videoing since 1978.

Not convinced see what previous clients say...

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Training on Sony Vegas, DVD-A & Camera Craft

With over twenty years of filming and editing, Zulqar Cheema M.M.Inst.V has been using Sony Vegas for the past ten years since its release as version 3.0. 

Zulqar has also taught “video for beginners” at the local Colleges in the past and also been a contributor in “Video Skills” a training book for the Institute of Videographer ( 

He has worked for Sony Creative Software, attending major shows demonstrating and running seminars on Sony Vegas at such venues as the BVE in London, the IOV show at the Richo Arena, Dubai show and various in-house training for Sony Creative Software.

Zulqar has also  completed the official Sony Vegas user, editor and now the Trainer courses, makes him qualified to officially offer training from novices to advanced.

You can also find Zulqar on various bulletin boards contributing to questions about Sony Vegas.

Sony Vegas, with its ease of use and intuitive interface it makes for an excellent tool for editing your productions.

Training can be tailored to your requirements and a bespoke package arranged around your specification

From helping you, in the installation and registration of the Sony Vegas, followed by hands on training to help you get on your way.

Basic training can consist of some or all of the following….

                        Explore the Vegas Pro menus and buttons.

                        Learn about the track list and track view areas.

                        Work with the window docking area.

Discover techniques for customizing your Vegas Pro workspace.
Learn in detail how to use the Explorer window.

                        Discover which file formats you can use in your project.

                        Preview your media before adding it to your project.

                        Manipulate the project cursor in order to set the insertion point for adding your media.

                        Add audio and video media to your project.

                        Create new tracks in your project.

                        Learn what hardware you need for capturing video.

                        Capture video that you can use in your projects.

                        Learn how to set up a basic audio recording system.

                        Record audio into your Vegas Pro software project.

                        Extract audio from an audio CD.

                        Add the media that you create into a project.

                        Add backgrounds to your project.

                        Create gradients that change over time.

                        Add text overlays to your video.

                        Quickly build interesting credit rolls.

                        Use the Vegas Pro transport controls to play and navigate through your project.

                        Master loop playback techniques.

                        Learn how to resize tracks.

                        Use zoom techniques to make it easier to work with specific areas of your project.

                        Make simple and complex selections on the timeline.

                        Reposition events.

                        Edge trim events.

                        Cut, copy, paste, and delete events.

                        Use ripple editing techniques

                        Split one event into two or more.

                        Use markers and regions to organize your work.

                        Create fade-ins and fade-outs.

                        Mix audio tracks.

                        Create fades with the master bus.

                        Put movie clips into slow motion.

                        Alter the look and sound of your media with filters and effects.

                        Create sophisticated transitions between clips.

                        Make multiple video clips visible at the same time.

                        Save your Vegas Pro project.

                        Save trimmed copies of the media clips used in your project.

                        Render your project into formats that other computers can play.

                        Prepare your project for delivery via the Internet.

                        Print your video project to DV tape using Sony® Video Capture.

                        Print your project to DV tape from the timeline.

                        Render your project for DVD &On-Line websites

                        Walk through DVD-A

                        Adding media and creating menus

                        Rendering completed projects          

            Burning to DVD or Blu-Ray                    

 Advanced training can be arranged and will depend on the level that you have achieved so far

 Camera Craft

In order to achieve a faster workflow, camera training can also be arranged with or with out any NLE training.  As a member of the Sony ICE (Independent certified Expert) programme, you can have confidence in the skills that I have.  Having filmed many corporate hospitality events over the last fifteen years where filming, editing and preview of the finished Video has to be shown within a couple of hours .

Basic training can consist of some or all of the following….
            Shoot to edit to reduce editing time
            Reduce wasted footage
            Capturing good audio
            Mic up interviews
            Making use of available lighting
            Getting the right cut-away shots
            Varying your shot angles
            Looking for the interesting shot
            Simple camera effects
            Explaining the various camera functions
            Making the most of the camera functions
            Planning the shoot

            Making the most of the your time

Please contact me on…
MOB +44 (0)7973 801883
Office +44 (0)1279 413260

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Like most things, this all started as something for friends and relatives and grew into things much bigger. This was in the early 80's, a small cottage industry, getting ready to mushroom into a much bigger market for anyone with a video camera. A lot of very poor videos were produced, as have a go people thought it was a way to make some quick money, without any really thought to the production values and quality for the client.  This gave the industry a bad name and the cost varied immensely with no link to quality.  However in in about the mid 90's the market settled, people realised it was not the quick earner they thought, and left the field to the true professionals.  In the last few years the industry has moved on and the production tools available  to the videographer  has improved no end.  There are however, still some poor quality out there so it always worth seeing their work before parting with your money.

When I started cameras and recorders were two separate units that were heavy and used a lot of battery power. They also required a fair bit of light to see what was happening in the church, as then and now they don't let you use lights in churches (well not where I live anyway).

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IOV | The Institute of Videography

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