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Frequently Asked Questions :



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Is Videography your full time job?
Yes, as it takes some considerable time to produce a high quality video production, plus there is the video sleeves & labels, and the customer service, visits, etc.

Can we view a wedding DVD sample?*
We believe in complete client confidentiality and do not send out full wedding DVD samples.
Companies that send out sample DVD's tend to only send out the very best clips that they have available or it could be the only wedding they have filmed. There is no guarantee that your finished DVD will look like the one you viewed, each wedding is so individual. When you arrange a meeting with us you are welcome to pick any wedding off the shelf that have been accepted by previous clients.

How many hours does it take to produce Video?
It takes anywhere from 30-60 hours to complete.

How long will I have to wait for my Video?
The video is normally ready within two weeks, but please allow 4 weeks.

Do you carry spare equipment on the day?
Yes, we carry spare camera, tape, lights and batteries.

Will you be filming my wedding ?
It  will be me, unless otherwise agreed or stated, I do not use other operators* as I  pride myself on my personal service and friendly manner.

Do you hold the necessary insurances ?
Yes, I hold the Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance.

Will you attend the church rehearsal ?
If required and the church is local I will always attend if possible, but it is subject to work commitments.

Do you hold legal licenses to enable you to record the ceremony and hymns in
a church/registry, and to add music tracks onto the completed video ?
Yes, we hold the appropriate licenses from the MCPS & the PPL, these are the equivalent as the CCLI licence on the site.

Do you move around during the service?
Normally no, I always use a  tripod  and do not move around the church (most vicars or priests wonít allow it anyway). ( if my shot is being obscured then I may move slightly to re-frame the shot)

Do you use lighting at the service?
Not normally, as again this is not always allowed during the service and can distract, I do use some limited lighting for the speeches latter in the day as the natural light is fading.

If I send original photographs & CD's to you will they be returned ?
Yes, all original material sent to us will be returned.

How do we contact you once the deposit is paid ?
You may contact me anytime, using E-mail or phone.  I will contact you I month before the wedding to remind you of the items I require to produce your video.  There is also a dedicated help page for clients who have booked.

Do you set up any shots ?
No & Yes, this all depends on how you want your video to be. Some like to be involved in the video as you can see on some of the film clips, others prefer the traditional style video.
Apart  from the Twirly Shot & Interviews (if requested) I normally recommend. When I say our goodbyes to the bride, groom & wedding party, most of them say they havenít noticed me all day!  see here for proof

Can we order extra copies after the wedding ?
Yes, you can order extra copies of the Video after the Wedding.

Are there different types of DVD & Menus?
There are two types of DVD, the DVD+R and the DVD-R, which is the recognised standard, I use the DVD-R standard.  The Wedding DVD is produced on an authoring package, with professional menus and chapters to help you get to the main points in the video quickly. It takes longer to produce these menus on the authoring program as opposed to some who record the video onto a DVD Recorder.

Are you a member of a professional organisation?
Yes, I am a qualified member, my work has been assessed and passed by a panel of judges,
of the Institute Of Videography .  I was also runner up in their national awards for 
"best Wedding Video" see here

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*To clarify some of the above items please see my Terms & Conditions

See here for a personal view on not having a Videographer

IOV | The Institute of Videography

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