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After the crucial bit of the wedding, the ceremony it's then out to do the photo shoot. This is the time to relax chat among your guests, while at the same time trying to smile continuously for the photographer. This can take up to an hour so make sure there is a nice cold bottle of champagne waiting for you in car when it takes you to the reception. To ensure that the photo session goes smoothly enlist the use of the ushers and bestman to jolly the guests along.
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I will use this time to capture video of the guests, some who may have come from far and wide. The shots will be candid and try to capture the mood of the day. Some of these shots will be used as still and set to music to break the video up after the service. The confetti shot will be in slow motion and also set to music.
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The things to remember here are, what happens if the worst happens and it rains what are the alternative plans, can the photos be taken in the church/Venue? Would it be best to go straight to the reception and do them there? If there was only one car that brought you and the bridesmaids how are they going to get to the reception? horizontal rule

Wedding -  Karen & Lee Sun 30th March 2008

Lee-Anne & Steve 7th September 2007

98184 - Natalie & Steve 16th May 2008

Hayley & Clinton 11th July 2008

Wedding -  Karen & Lee Sun 30th March 2008
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98242 - Michaela & James 17th May 2013

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 Robecca & Tom May 27th 2012
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 Lucy & John Fri 28th Aug 2009
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