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The reception     

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During the reception you may want to enlist the services of a toastmaster as he will organise all the following formalities. This is money well spent and saves the confusion that can happen.

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During the line up the brides parents are first to greet the guests followed by the grooms parents The next to follow are the happy couple, the bridesmaids and bestman if required. This line up is not written in stone so any way you prefer is acceptable.

As your guests look at the table plan desperately trying to find what table their name is on, they could be holding up the other guests.  A tip here is for the table plan  to have an alphabetical list, as your guests will know their names but not what table they are on.
 Its probably wise to have a couple of Ushers here to help your guests along.

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When the couple have greeted all the guests the rest of the bridal party go in to the reception. The Toastmaster ( Master Of Ceremonies ),  Bestman or the caterers can announce the Bride & Groom in to the reception while clapping. The tip here is to plan your route to the top table so you do not have to wrestle with chairs to get through. 
When the couple have reached the top able, they can stand while grace is said or sit down and commence with the meal. Some couples ask their guests to refrain from smoking during the meal. The bride sits next to her father and the bestman at the far end of the table.

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Rebecca & Nicholas THU 26th June 2008

98171 - Lauren & Aaron 21st June 2008

98186 - Lisa & Duncan 5th July 2008