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When guests are arriving at the church or registry service  on the big day, if young children are present try to sit them at the back of the service, so if they become unsettled they can be taken discreetly outside. This also stops any crying being recorded on the video and the vows fading in to the distance. Make best use of your bridesmaids to hold the wedding train as you go to the church and tend to those little things. Don't forget the veil has to be down when you go into the church and make the walk down the aisle last as long as possible, as this is it!!

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During the service the person who is giving away the bride has to hand over the brides right hand, with his right hand to the vicar. The vicar will then ask for the groom's right hand and place the bride's right hand in to his hand. When it comes to signing of the register, not all churches allow this to be videoed so check with the vicar if this is possible. If you are having a soloist during the signing then let the video man know which he has to video as usually only the signing or the soloist can be filmed but not both. (unless the two camera option is taken)

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When it is time to go back down the aisle the photographer will stop to take a photo of the couple at the church door, this could hold all the guests up in the church while this is done. You might want to consider to move to one side after coming down the aisle and let your guests out and then let your photographer take the shots he needs or see if there is an alternative exit for the guests.

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Rebecca & Nicholas THU 26th June 2008

Lee-Anne & Steve 7th September 2007

98186 - Lisa & Duncan 5th July 2008
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Points To Note :

When asking for a video in the church find out the fee and where the cameraman will be allowed to stand and does he have a good view of the couple and is the lighting adequate. If the position is not very good e.g. a pillar is in the way or the video is at the back of the church, please do talk to the video man and discuss any issues you have with him. Remember the video man may already have filmed in that church and be aware of the limitations. Please bear in mind that were ever the video man is told to stand by the vicar, that is were he must stand and not move during the service. If this is a problem check with your reception as a lot of these places can now offer a registry service.  With regard to fee's you need to balance the cost against the position the video man will have in the church,  as costs vary considerably between churches and the positions are not always the best.  If it is a registry service then there is usually no problem to video it.

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IOV | The Institute of Videography

98242 - Michaela & James 17th May 2013

 Lauren & Scott, 6th October 2012
 Robecca & Tom May 27th 2012
Kylie & Thomas 28th April 2012
Samantha & Jeff 28th July 2011
Rebecca & Steven 2nd July 2011
Kerry & Hasan 11th June 2011
Caroline & Carl 21st May 2011
Andrea & Steve 2nd May 2010
 Emma & Simon 24th April 2010
Joanna & Jeremy 10th April 2010\
Clare & Mick 9th April 2010
 Lucy & John Fri 28th Aug 2009
Sarah & Martin 7th August 2009
Faye & Darren 1st aug 2009
98219 - Nicola & Tony Sun 26th July 2009
98215 - Ruth & Adam 25th July 2009